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Mr. Crane,

I attended your lecture this afternoon at York College and I felt the need to thank you for coming to York College and sharing your wealth of knowledge.  I must admit that it was the greatest learning experience that I probably have ever had.  I feel as though you gave me the recipe for success and now it’s in my hands to simply bake the cake.  I feel much more relieved and less stressed about my future endeavors. Again, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and experience.  This was the most vital information I have received to help benefit my future.  It was the absolute best educational experience I have ever received.

Thank You Very Much,

Patrick M. Guinan

York College of Pennsylvania 

Political Science 

I attended your presentation at Penn State on November 12th.  Since then, I have read your book and have been filling out my SF-86 (slowly but surely).  I enjoyed your book and left a review on Amazon. During your presentation, you offered a free book to any of us that left a review for it.  I’ll take you up on that; having only read the kindle edition, I’d like a physical copy to reference as I continue to fill out my form.


Security Risk Analysis

The Pennsylvania State University

Dear Mr. Kevin Crane,
I am currently a freshman at Penn State University and attended both your morning and evening presentation.  I am writing this to thank you for the very useful information about gaining a security clearance, as well as how to succeed in college.  The speeches were very motivational; so much so that I already began creating my college and career plan.  I also bought your book on Amazon, and am currently halfway through Chapter 5.  You have truly taught and inspired me to get a head start and take advantage of the resources I have.  I am working on building up my resume, and helping myself to become more professional.  Again, I appreciate you coming in to speak to the class, and have taken what you said to heart.
Thank you so much for your time,
Matthew Hampel

Security Risk Analysis

The Pennsylvania State University