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Access Granted:

Kevin A. Crane

About the Author


Chapter One:


As Seen On…

York College Introduction

Getting A Security Clearance

Arrest & Drug Issues

Falsification & Omission

Use Of The Polygraph



Testimonial – Patrick M. Guinan

Mr. Crane, I attended your lecture this afternoon at York College and I felt the need to thank you for coming to York College and sharing your wealth of knowledge.  I must admit that it was the greatest learning experience that I probably have ever had.  I feel as though you gave me the recipe […]

Testimonial – Chris

Hello, I attended your presentation at Penn State on November 12th.  Since then, I have read your book and have been filling out my SF-86 (slowly but surely).  I enjoyed your book and left a review on Amazon. During your presentation, you offered a free book to any of us that left a review for […]

Testimonial – Matthew Hampel

Dear Mr. Kevin Crane, I am currently a freshman at Penn State University and attended both your morning and evening presentation.  I am writing this to thank you for the very useful information about gaining a security clearance, as well as how to succeed in college.  The speeches were very motivational; so much so that […]


  • Universities & colleges offering four year degrees and higher
  • Community colleges
  • All professional trade schools
  • Private industry with “clearance” required government contracts
  • Any organization seeking to help its membership obtain first time or better employment
  • High schools seeking to prepare their students for future careers
  • Educational & professional associations seeking an expert in career advancement
  • Military organizations preparing enlistees for any type of security clearance
How Do We Help?

How Do We Help?

Special Agent Kevin Crane (retired), author of the # 1 Best Seller, “ACCESS GRANTED”, has 21 years of distinguished federal service as well as previously operating his own non-profit organization and being a very successful business owner.  He has appeared as a guest on “ABC”, “CBS”, “NBC”, and “Fox” television for his book and expertise! 

Special Agent Crane will provide key-note speeches, training, and workshops that will cover guidance, strategies, and tips to enhance anyone’s ability to obtain the job & career of their choice through “Pro-Active” positioning!

For example, college students will learn steps to “super-charge” their degree from day one of entering school.  After receiving a great education to earn their degree, they will now be competing for jobs in their field with thousands of other applicants.  Special Agent Crane’s program will teach them how to increase their chances of obtaining a rewarding job that will also help them pay off those large student loans! 

Additionally, most students requiring a basic check of their background before being hired for a job.  This may be just a criminal record check or perhaps an extensive check.  If a student doesn’t pass this background check, they will not get the job.  Educational institutions “Do Not” have the time to prepare students for this aspect of their career search, especially if a student has an “Issue” in their background (and many students do!).  Special Agent Crane can help students prepare for any type of background investigation, repair or mitigate many issues after they have happened, and help students increase their chances of getting the job they seek!

Students seeking employment in the job fields below will require a background investigation (this is not a complete list of fields):

  • Teachers
  • Law Enforcement Careers
  • Information Technology
  • Banking & Finance
  • Medical Fields
  • Federal or State Government
  • Private Industry With Government Contracts
  • Many Military Positions


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Your Financial Future and Why a Security Clearance Is Important to You

Are you, a family member, a friend, or a colleague trying to find a job with the federal government or perhaps enter the military? Maybe you are applying for a job with a company that works on Department of Defense contracts such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and many other companies both large and small. Did you know that the majority of these jobs require an investigation of your background?

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