Mr. Crane has been a public speaker for the last 25 years and is available to speak at various venues all over the United States based upon availability.  If your school, university, corporation, etc., would like to have him speak, provide training, or conduct seminars for your students or employees, please make contact at least one month or more in advance.  Mr. Crane will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your request and needs.  Please complete the form below for further information.

Tell us something about the type of group who will be listening, what you would like to hear covered, and how long you would like Mr. Crane to speak for.  Provide as much specific detail as possible.  You will be contacted back with a fee schedule in order to confirm the event date.

To arrange to speak or meet with Special Agent Crane, you may send an email to:

You may also contact him directly at:

(610) 517-4007

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